more winter more film

i just got three rolls of medium format film back from developing.  i was pretty happy with some of the results.  i’d forgotten how freeing film can be.  free from idealizing a shot.  with digital it is far to easy to take and take and retake the same shot; looking for the perfect exposure.  the more photos i take the more I appreciate the incidental and unknown.  it lends a certain character that you can’t achieve with repetitive exposures.  the moment makes the image.  it seems ironic that while film frees one from idealizing an image in that you accept the happenstance, it begs more thoughtfulness in composing the image; thought that grows from a preconceived ideal outcome.  like so many things in life a minor shift in focus makes a world of difference.  (all b+w taken with a spartus full vue box camera, color with a holga toy camera.)


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