while in detroit we met so many great people; people who see need in their community and take steps to address it.  one such group was the detroit black community food security network (dbcfsn).

during our research efforts we came across the d-town farm, which is one of dbcfsn’s programs that nuture community self determination.  one of the largest urban agriculture operations in the city, the group currently cultivates two acres of land, organically growing squash, kale, lettuce, tomatoes, onions, garlic, and flowers just to name a few.  while we were visiting work was underway to clear another two acres with the addition of another 5 in the foreseeable future.

we were lucky enough to have bumped into the group’s chairman, malik on the way in.  he  in turn introduced us to two of the farms managers.  from there we took the full tour including their composting operations (erik, the gowannas canal conservancy’s compost master general, was able to offer a few helpful suggestion), beehives, mushroom cultivation, herb garden, and hoop houses.

detroit is often protrayed today as hopeless and helpless, here we spoke to malik, nefera, and jackie about plenty.  they produce a healthy surplus of food.  a program is even in the works to provide public schools with fresh produce.  what’s more, they’re learning, teaching, and growing, but they’re growing a lot more than veggies in western detroit.

more to come about d-town and the city at large.



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