nyc halloween 2010




Ok, so maybe this isn’t the most timely post, but I still wanted to get these out. Liz’s sister Kate and bf Matt came to visit and we wandered around the village after some amazing soup dumplings at Joe’s Shanghai on Pell.

The people in top image had the best costumes ever…  they were aged superheros, complete with scooters; most creative and most practical costumes for getting around the maddness that is the Village Halloween Parade.  We high-tailed it back uptown before things got too out of hand.

I have no idea what those foam-rubber creatures were, aliens of some sort, but they were very intricate and visually appealing.  They were lifelessly stacked against the building, waiting for some one to breathe life into them, but it seemed as though they could have gotten up to raom the streets at any moment…


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