monhegan island

At the tail end of our retreat to the coast of Maine we sojourned to small fishing community 12 miles of the coast called Monhegan Island.  Accessible only by passenger ferry, and with an off-season population of only 75 people, this  surely is one of the most peaceful and serene places I have ever visited…

The harbor is picturesque and quaint, with the island inn overlooking the moored lobster boats.  It is enclosed by Manana island, another much smaller island with an old Coast Guard house perched on its crest.   Monhegan is known as an artist colony with several notables having taken up temporary residence there including the Wyeths.  This is evidenced by the many galleries and studios found throughout the town.

The island is mostly undeveloped, and 17 miles of hiking trails wind through the large tracts of untamed land.  Even after some challenging hikes through Acadia earlier in the week, we took off on the trails after checking into the inn, and I captured this image along the northern coast of the island.  If memory serves, this is Black Head in the distance as seen from pulpit rock.


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