the shop

I’m hoping to be spending some more time here in the coming months. Mike and I have a few things lined up to keep it interesting. I keep meeting new people and learning new things on my regular sojourns to the city of brotherly love.


the day after

the wife

Though it seems like so much longer ago, Liz and I were married less than five months ago. Our wedding day was the perfect fall day. The day after our wedding we spent relaxing with friends and family as people made their way home. It was beautiful all the way around and it meant so much to connect with so many people, by my how the time went by.

danny, my best man

rittenhouse square

me and my boys

pats or genos?

So, I ended up staying over in Philly last weekend after a rockin good time at Union Transfer with Galactic on Friday. Saturday night Mike and I made a trip down to the Italian Market for some cheese steaks; I’d had a hankerin for months. Philly is as serious about their steaks as any place could be about their local cuisine. There are die-hards on both sides of the Geno’s / Pat’s divide. For me I’ve always been a Geno’s man, but only because that was the only one of the two I’d ever had. This time I sampled some of Pat’s best and all I can say for sure it that cheese steaks are delicious. Not to muddy the waters, but Tony Luke’s makes a damn fine steak too. I’ll leave it to more discerning palettes than mine to dub the king of Philly steaks; I just know that I’m a fan.

stop + go



three by 3

One of my favorite things about this time of year in New York is the long shadows produced by a low sun and the shortened days. The passage of the sun casts infinite slow and subtly changing vignettes across the cityscape that delight the eyes of those who will notice. Certainly the shade can chill you to the bone, but by contrast it makes the sun’s glow seem all the more radiant as you pass from the darkness and into the light.